Storytelling is a powerful mode of human expression based on sharing stories and experiences in a non-judgemental environment. Storytelling sessions conducted in the framework of Project CAPTIVE relied on a loose structure, offering participants a safe space to talk about their experiences and connect with others. The storytelling methodology was employed during the Ethnocultural Agent course for migrant women and for the purpose of awareness-raising days in Germany, Italy and Malta.  In these sessions, participants explored and reflected on their migration journeys, gender norms, questions of identity and gender-based violence, guided and supported by facilitators.
Drawing on storytelling sessions conducted in Sicily, ANFE Italy produced a ‘prevention video’, which gives voice to the experience of Sunita, an Indian woman trapped in an arranged marriage. The video, which was used for information and prevention activities held in France, Spain and the UK, recounts only part of her story – the narrative is intentionally interrupted to prompt viewers to reflect on its possible upshots. What could happen next? How could negative consequences be prevented and addressed? What kind of information and support can be offered to migrant women victims/potential victims of S/GBV ? These are some of the questions that the video hopes to give rise to.
Feel free to download and share the video on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social media, or use it for awareness-raising purposes.