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MT CAPTIVE Presentation SS
One of the core aims of Project CAPTIVE is to uncover the experiences and help-seeking journeys of migrant women victims/survivors of S/GBV living in the 6 partner countries. To this end, the project teams conducted desk research and empirical research at the national and local levels. The research process culminated in 6 national reports and 1 cross-country report, produced by Coventry University, with the support of project partners.

CAPTIVE Report ANFE (Italy)

CAPTIVE Report Euro-CIDES (France)

CAPTIVE Report University of Coventry (UK)

CAPTIVE Report University of Malta (Malta)

CAPTIVE Report University of Seville (Spain)

CAPTIVE ZWW Report Anlage 1 / University of Mainz (Germany)

CAPTIVE ZWW Report Anlage 2 Brochure “Help for women subjected to violence in close social relationships”

CAPTIVE ZWW Report Anlage 3 Polizei Flyer Violence in close social relationships and stalking


CAPTIVE ZWW Report Anlage 5 Gewaltschutzkonzept Erstaufnahme RLP

Analysis of experiences of S/GBV among migrant women in six European settings